Monday, June 9, 2014

Home Stretch

Summer vacation is only three official days away for me, and for many it is already in full swing! I have one more final to go tomorrow morning and then I'm completely done learning for the year. My last final is English, and all I have to do is write out a preplanned essay, followed by coming home and writing a short little essay for First Aid and CPR that I was absent for. Then, after all of that I will be 100% done with school work! Wednesday is an early dismissal and sort of a party day in all my classes, and then Thursday, the last day, an even earlier dismissal, is a new tradition my school is starting this year called "Move Up Day", where you check your out classes for the next year. 

I think Move Up Day is a good idea so that you can see who all is in your classes and get some info about summer AP work, but at the same time I sort of like being surprised by my new classmates on the first day. I have never been one to freak out over who I have classes with and who I can walk with from class to class, unlike most of the people in my school. I have always ended up knowing people and like I said, I quite enjoy not knowing. Finding out on the first day doesn't give me a whole lot of time to think about how upset I am that I have a class with so-and-so or that I'm surrounded by smart people and will feel stupid, or that all my friends have a different teacher, and I think that just makes the overall year more enjoyable. 

I feel like having an entire summer to stew over who's in my classes will just take away the fun. Now, don't get me wrong, I completely understand people who feel anxious not knowing. That's just not me, I'm surprisingly pretty chill about it, for a somewhat uptight person. I'm weird in the way that I am very independent but also not a loner; I like being surrounded by people but am completely fine not being around others every second. My Meyers-Briggs personality is an ENFJ, if you google it I think it sums me up nicely. 

Most girls are always walking in a posse, whereas there a few classes each day where I walk confidently alone. I have never felt judged by anyone for walking alone, probably because I never look sad. If someone asked to walk with me of course, I'd say yes! More power to you, though, if you're the type always walking in a pack. To each his own!

I have really strived this year to embody something Kid President said: "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody." This goes along with my philosophy of taking each classmate for what they're worth. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect- I judge people. I think it's impossible not to, at first. But one of the ways I keep myself from missing out on someone I might actually like is by not freaking about who I do and do not have classes with. 

If you haven't heard of Kid President, you need to look it up on youtube right now! He is so awesome!!!



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