Saturday, October 25, 2014

What I'm FALL-ing for this season!

The leaves are finally turning colors, and the air smells of apple cider. That's right, fall is upon us! Fall is my absolute favorite season. I just love the coziness of it!

That being said, I also adore fall fashion. Deep reds and hunter greens, plaids, cognacs, boots, sweaters... these are a few of my favorite things! 

Here are some things I'm dying to get my hands on this season. 

1. Hunter boots- I would love to invest in a pair of these. They would especially be great to have once I go off to college in two years! My issue is that I can't decide which color! I love the black, navy and hunter green options. 

2. Bean boots- I would definitely be stepping a bit outside my comfort zone by purchasing these. I live in Pennsylvania, and the preppy style isn't very popular here, at least where I live. However I'm thinking I may just have to jump the gun on these and be a trendsetter because they are both cute and practical! After all, this year's winter is supposedly going to be even worse than last year's.

3. Vests- I absolutely love this trend! The great thing about all these preppy pieces is that while they may be considered a "trend" right now because they are increasingly popular, the definition of preppy is dressing in a way that is classic, elegant, and timeless. These items will never go out of style! There are plenty of to die for options at J. Crew, but those come at a hefty price. There are some similar options at Old Navy, which I am holding out for to be restocked. Let me know if you know of any affordable vest options similar to the J. Crew styles!

4. Plaid flannels- Believe it or not I do not own a single flannel or plaid button down, or anything of the like! I adore how these look layered underneath vests and paired with cognac riding boots (my pair from American Eagle are my most worn shoes for the fall and winter), so I know I'll have to get my hands on one sometime this season. I am particularly interested in shirts that have a red, black/navy, and green pattern or something similar! I know J. Crew has many fabulous options, but again, they come at a hefty price! I am thinking of checking Target later today.

5. MORE SCARVES!- Scarves are probably my favorite clothing piece for fall and winter. I have what some would probably consider plenty already, but they are just so beautiful, comfortable, and easy to throw on! They can instantly transform an outfit. All you have to do in the morning is throw one on over your favorite sweater, pull on some jeans and boots and out the door you go, looking fabulous. I am picking up a Zara blanket scarf dupe at Target later today, which is a tan, red and green plaid pattern. This season I am hoping to pick up some chunky knit scarves in plain cream, hunter green, and garnet/burgundy. 

6. Navy cable-knit sweater- I already own many great sweaters but I have noticed this season that my closet is lacking in the navy hue! I think navy is such a gorgeous, classic neutral. I can't help but long for it in the form of a traditional Ralph Lauren cable-knit. I have a few scarves that would complement navy fabulously, plus I picked up some light-wash jeans this season which would look great with a navy sweater and cognac boots. 

7. Black & white striped longsleeve/sweater- I adore black and white stripes for every season. They are just so classy. I do have a three quarter sleeve sweater from Forever 21 which has very thick black and white stripes. To this day that sweater is one of my best purchases. I love it! However I am finding that I could wear a long sleeve with skinnier black and white stripes with many of the things I already own. I am even thinking of being a bandit for Halloween if I can find this item soon enough! 

Hope you're enjoying fall as much as I am!

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