Hey everyone! I'm a soon to be 16 year old junior in high school. You can call me Cass. I created this blog because I love writing and wanted a way to combine all my interests into one creative outlet.

All About Cass

Lives: In snowy PA. Dreams of attending college in New England or the South.

Loves: Skiing, snowboarding, spending time with family & friends, the beach, reading, shopping, baking, working out, DIY, the color pink, Lilly Pulitzer, Sperry's, Dad's chicken parm, make-up, Tumblr, 8 tracks radio app, Pandora (bracelets & the radio), country music

Addictions: Pinterest, Hart of Dixie, Grey's Anatomy,

Stresses over: Grades, college, what others think of me (silly I know!), making decisions

Meaning behind my blog name: Serendipity is my all-time favorite word. First of all, it sounds so pretty. Second of all, it means the aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. I think that's one of life's greatest treasures. The "Sweet" in front not only sounds cute, but fits with my love of baking, personality, and style (or so I've been told). The 98 at the end is not exactly desirable, but plain old "sweet serendipity" and other URL variations I tried were already taken. By people who posted once 10 years ago. Ugh. Anyway, I chose the number 98 because it's the year I was born. 

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