Sunday, June 8, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's day is only a week away, but with finals and all the end of the year madness, shopping is always last-minute for me! I love giving gifts and I strive to make each one something special that the person will really enjoy. Sometimes a little inspiration is all I need to spark the perfect idea, or other times people will share a product that is just perfect for the occasion. So, without further ado, here are some things I think would be the perfect gifts!

One// Weber's New Real Grilling ($15)- Perfect for the grilling aficionado, this cookbook is complete with mouth watering pictures of every recipe and extremely helpful grilling tips. I actually bought this for my dad last father's day and he loves it. We have been smitten with every recipe we've tried so far. Cookbooks can be a tricky gift because they can be somewhat boring and impersonal- after all, who doesn't have loads of cookbooks piling up on a shelf somewhere? The key is to find one unique, easy to use, and tailored to your dad's taste. We don't have anything like this cookbook, and the photography alone makes you want to try everything. There are several guides and grilling tips which make my dad feel like a pro. The recipes are modern but nothing too far out of the comfort zone. Think classic with a twist- unexpected yet delicious favor combinations, like prosciutto-wrapped grilled pineapple spears, bourbon-glazed bacon-wrapped pork chops, and grilled peach with blue cheese bruschetta drizzled with honey. 

Two// Life is Good Tee ($26)- You really can't go wrong with one of these super-soft, positive message inscribed t-shirts. With so many different images on the front, you'll be sure to find one that screams your dad's name. Everyone loves things that perfectly describe their interests and talents. Whether your dad is a kayaker, hiker, baseball lover, bike rider, motorcycle dude, barbecue king, or anything else you could think of, Life Is Good has a t-shirt made for him. Another past father's day gift, my dad was amazed there was a t-shirt with three of his favorite things (bike riding, kayaking, and hiking) on it in a cheery graphic image. Plus, who doesn't love good vibes and clothes that feel like pajamas?

Three// American Crew Shave Products (around $12 each)- I'm no expert on men's shaving products, so I will just say this: we bought my dad a sample pack of these products from our salon one year, and he continues to ask for them and purchase them when he wants to splurge. Coming from a man whose sole toiletries are typically Suave 99 cent shampoo, Dove soap, and whatever shave cream's on sale, that's saying something. I mean, who doesn't like to feel pampered? Whatever product from the line you choose, it's sure to be a winner for any dad.  
Four// Harding Lane Needlepoint Baseball Cap ($30)- A similar option to the Life is Good t-shirts, every man will enjoy an addition to their hat collection. These top-notch quality hats look and feel good, and they come in all different designs for whatever suits your dad. Especially perfect for the summer months, these hats are unique enough to make them special. It is my personal opinion that, for most men, you can never go wrong with a baseball hat. And that Apr├ęs Ski beanie... Oh, my heart.  I'll definitely have to remember it for Christmas. 

Five// L.L. Bean Monogrammed Terry Cloth Robe ($69) or Seersucker PJs ($59)- For some reason LL Bean would not allow me to save an image off their website, so I'll have to leave you with a measly link. But seriously, this is one of those gifts no one knows they need. I especially adore the navy terry cloth robe. Your dad will look so tan! And please, please, add a monogram. Everyone loves a personal touch! Especially for men, good quality pajamas are something that people just don't tend to allow themselves to spend money on, but my oh my, are they missing out. 

Hopefully this list gave you some ideas and helped ease the stress! Dads can be so hard to shop for. I know it's quite last minute, so hopefully you're either able to overnight these or pick them up locally. Have a wonderful father's day, and remember to say thank you to your daddy (as if you'd forget!) for raising you- just look what a fine job he did;)

What are you doing for your dad this father's day? Let me know in the comments!



P.S.- this post is not sponsored in any way!

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