Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to transition your wardrobe from bitter cold to bright and bold!

(Image created by me on polyvore)

With the winter months finally coming to an end and spring weather reappearing, it's time to pull yourself out of that winter fashion rut. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some winter clothes. Sweaters and boots? For me, it doesn't get much better than that. But, if you live on the east coast, this winter's felt like 3 winter seasons in 1- it's stretched on FOREVER!

It's finally time to add some brightness to those cozy sweaters and deep, warm tones. Adding pops of color is key to transitioning clothing pieces to spring. When I think of spring, I think of BRIGHT, so I like to apply that to my wardrobe. The key is balance... I don't prefer to look like a pack of highlighters on a daily basis.
(Image created by me on polyvore)

Look #1: Pair a sweater with a statement necklace

Austique Sweater ($275)- For this look, I started out with a piece that you probably already have in your winter wardrobe- a cozy sweater. This one has bold black and white stripes, which adds to the look. I personally think that everyone should own a black and white striped top, or two, or three... they're just so versatile.
For a simple sweater like this one, there are many much more affordable options, like at Forever 21 or Old Navy. But this is a classic piece that you can wear time and time again, so it's a good basic to invest in. 

Kate Spade statement necklace ($89)- This hot pink statement necklace adds the perfect amount of vibrance. Black and white stripes and hot pink is one of my personal favorite combinations.
I personally go straight to Forever 21 when I want a new statement necklace. These are jewelry pieces that are fun to have in every color, so I don't like to splurge.

Pull & Bear jeans ($50)- The light wash  and destroyed rip embellishments give off an airy, casual vibe, adding a nice bit of contrast with the rest of the outfit.
For me, jeans are jeans. If they fit me right, I'm happy. No designer names needed to please this girl.

Tory Burch flats ($250)- Really any kind of shoes work with this, but I just adore the peacock hue of the Tory Burch flats pictured. The bright reflective gold toe add a bit of glam.
These are something very unique, so I'd say it'd be worth it to splurge. Treat yoself!

Michael Kors tote ($570)- This cognac tote is a piece that may be carried over from fall and winter to add some warmth. Perfect for these in-between-days where it's still a crisp 50 degrees, but sunny and smelling of spring.
Everyone needs to invest in a quality handbag or two, however I think you can do that for a better price. I always go straight for the outlets when I'm in the market for a classic bag.  

... Stay tuned for look #2! Coming soon!

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